Additional information about the Corona virus.

Last update: January 28, 2021

We understand your concern about booking accommodation during these fickle times because of COVID-19. On this page you will find an answer to all your questions. What we can already say; don’t worry. With us you can book risk free!

1) Can I go on weekends to the French Ardennes during with the Corona meaurements?

Yes, from 15 December this can be done without any problem. From 15 December you can stay in a vacation home with several families. Please note, in public places it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask and respect social distancing. 

2) What are the cancellation conditions during Corona?

If your trip could not go through due to force majeure caused by the Corona virus (e.g. a travel ban due to changing the color of the zone from which you are travelling or the zone in which the castle is located, closing the borders, …) we offer you the possibility to move your booking to a later date free of charge. The possibility of rebooking does not expire and therefore remains valid forever.

3) What precise measures apply in France after 15 december?

  • In all enclosed public buildings, you are required to wear a mouth shield from 20 July onwards. There is a fine of € 135,- for not wearing a mouth cap where this is mandatory
  • There are no rules for a maximum number of persons and/or households per vehicle in France.
  • You may stay in a vacation home with several families.
  • All vacation homes are subject to stricter cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • You are allowed to sunbathe on the beach (first you had to keep moving). As long as you keep your distance from other people and you are not more than 10 people together in one group (children included).
  • Restaurants: are open after 15 januari
  • Museums, concert halls, theaters: are open.
  • Amusement parks: are open. Check the website of the attraction.
  • Outdoor activities allowed: yes, distance is advised. The recommended distance for cycling and running is 10 m, for fast walking 5 m and for other sports activities 4 m2 per participant.
  • Public transport: mouth shield is mandatory.
  • Supermarkets are open; mouth shield obligatory.
  • Petrol stations: open; mouth mask required.

4) Is it safe to go on a holiday weekend in the castle during Corona? 

Yes, the castle is located in the middle of a private park of 4 hectares. Also inside, the rooms are large enough to maintain social distancing. In addition, we follow strict cleaning and disinfection procedures. In short, you can enjoy your stay carefree

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