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History of our castle

Our castle has lasted for 3 centuries. Cool right? In this blog you’ll discover interesting facts and historical details about ‘Château du Comte De Viry’.

In 1834, the castle was built by Count ‘De Viry’ (French Nobility) as a country retreat for lust, pleasure and hunting.

During the French-Prussian war in 1871, the castle was taken over by the French army.

At the end of WWII, the castle fell into the hands of Nazi Germany and the environment was the scene of one of the most bloody battlefields that led to the victory of the Allies. This battle is also known as the Battle of the Bulge.

After the German defeat, the castle was sold by the French government to a wealthy Parisian Bourgeoisie family. They have restored the castle to its former glory.

Since 2012, ‘Château du Comte De Viry’ is rented out and unforgettable times are experienced by guests from all over the world.

From the first moment we saw the castle, we were sold because of the authentic elements and the rich history. We hope that you will be able to come home to our castle and have the time of your life together with friends or family. That you can make memories that are engraved in your personal history book. ❤️

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